11-12 November 2014 | Hong Kong

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Jane Hyun web
Founder & President
Hyun & Associates
Executive Coaching and Global Leadership Strategy

Jane Hyun is an internationally renowned leadership strategist and leadership consultant to Fortune 500 companies and MBA programs. Hyun helps organizations grow their bottom line through the effective deployment of their talent and serves as an advisor to senior management teams regarding Asian talent strategy. She has worked with sales teams, guided leadership through a merger integration and divestiture, led organizational change initiatives with new leadership, and designed several innovative performance programs for top talent.

Prior to starting this consulting firm, she has held a variety of business and HR management roles, including Vice President of HR/Talent at JP Morgan, and Director of Recruiting at Deloitte. Hyun appears regularly on CNN, CNBC, National Public Radio, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Fortune, and is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Economics. She currently serves as advisor to the Task Force for Talent Innovation, which authored recent Harvard Business Review studies, The Sponsor Effect, Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets, and Leadership in Your Midst.

Hyun’s groundbreaking bestseller, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Career Strategies for Asians, opened up a critical dialogue for a targeted career management approach for Asians in the corporate setting. Her most recent release, Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences, examines the art of switching leadership styles to more effectively leverage the diversity in teams and drive innovation. She is passionate about helping individuals realize their fullest potential in the workplace and their communities.