11-12 November 2014 | Hong Kong

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Executive Director
Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Limited

Gigi Chao is the Executive Director of Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Limited, (Hong Kong Stock Exchange 0131), and Founder of Faith in Love Foundation, a Hong Kong Government Approved Charitable Organisation which provides support to underprivileged young people. Prior to joining the senior management of Cheuk Nang, she spent more than ten years in the public/media relations industry and managing investments for international luxury products in Hong Kong and China. She is also an Honorary Specialist Flight Lieutenant of the Hong Kong Air Cadets Corp, and Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

Gigi has always been a passionate member of the community and is an active volunteer, mentoring and tutoring young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds. She is also a celebrated LGBT activist in Hong Kong and one of the founding members of the local gay-rights group, BigLove Alliance. BigLove, also founded by out celebrities Anthony Wong and Denise Ho, is a non-profit organisation established in early 2013 advocating equal rights for the LGBT community.