11-12 November 2014 | Hong Kong

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Director & Principal Consultant
Harmony Works SDN BHD

Hamidah Marican has a diverse eclectic career background and is distinguished by the early role she has played in driving diversity and inclusion forward in the Asia region. Her personal experience as a Muslim woman in the workplace has been an impetus for her to pursue many projects to enhance knowledge of both local/country specific cultural and religious diversity. (She once received a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift from her boss – her Muslim friends were offended. However she thanked her boss for the gift and said “as a Muslim I do not drink wine”. This feedback was appreciated and a circular went out to remind the organisation to be respectful of religious diversity. From then on Hamidah received an Eid (Muslim holiday) gift.) Hamidah has worked with leading multinational companies including Intel, Shell and BP, pioneering their diversity and inclusion efforts in Asia. She is now an independent consultant in the area of cross cultural diversity and organisational development work.