11-12 November 2014 | Hong Kong

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Raj Kuma
Vice President of Global Consulting at the UCSI Consulting

Raj KUMAR is the Vice President of Global Consulting at the UCSI Consulting. Having served in several listed multinational companies, his forte in consulting is anchored with a sea of experience, ranging from the setting up of business operations to strategic planning, innovation and project execution. In 2010, Raj was handpicked to embark on the Economic Transformation Programme led by the Performance Management Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) under the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia, where he contributed by writing part of the blue print for Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Roadmap. Raj is a certified Consultant and Practitioner from the Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Centre of Professors Kim and Mauborgne, co-creators of Blue Ocean Strategy. His portfolio includes the formulation of Blue Ocean Strategies for a leading global pharmaceutical company, the largest bank in Asia, the largest media agency in Asia, a leading retail pharmacy and a mega property development project in the region